Picture 042 (Medium)   Meet the owner of Padilla Home Inspections and Handyman Services LLC

   Ed Padilla is a licensed home inspector in Florida. He is an active member of Inter       NACHI  (international assoc. of certified home inspectors)and Director of the Association   of Certified Handyman Professionals, and Handyman. He is also a member of the US Chamber of Commerce.

Prior to owning his own business, Ed Padilla was the Data and Voice Network Manager for a large Media Company in Central Florida.

Ed enjoys serving his clients and delivering exceptional comprehensive detailed home inspections. He is a graduate of Liberty University.


My Journey as an inspector and handyman:

While growing up I watched others repair, build, maintain a home. I quickly learned that I had the knack.

In 1995, I was fortunate enough to fulfill the American Dream and purchase a brand new home in central FL. At the time houses were being built everywhere. I decided to keep track of the progress of my home as it was being built. But I have to admit I knew very little about inspecting. When the home was completed and the keys were handed over to me it didn’t take long to figure out that the home I bought was poorly constructed.

The AC unit was not working, doors were not hung properly, the house sat in a mote after the first rain, and poor craftsmanship was evident. My biggest mistake was listening to the contractor/builder say “I inspected everything and all is in perfect condition – sign here please”.

After much fighting with the builder and replacement of eight dead oak trees and two new lawns later, a french drain was installed and the other items fixed but it took a good fight and the involvement of the town’s mayor (it was election time).

I decided then that I did not wish this on anyone else so I became a home inspector. I now have the privilege of using my experiences to the home buyer.